so3_parameters_t Struct Reference

#include <so3_types.h>

Data Fields

int verbosity
int reality
int L0
int L
int N
so3_sampling_t sampling_scheme
so3_n_order_t n_order
so3_storage_t storage
so3_n_mode_t n_mode
ssht_dl_method_t dl_method
int steerable

Detailed Description

A struct with all parameters that are common to several functions of the API. In general only one struct needs to be created and a const pointer to it is passed around.

Make sure to use an initializer upon declaration, even if it is left empty. This ensures that all fields are initialized to zero (even if in non-static storage). This way, your code will remain backwards compatible if more fields are added to this struct in the future:
   so3_parameters_t parameters = {};

Definition at line 118 of file so3_types.h.

Field Documentation

ssht_dl_method_t so3_parameters_t::dl_method

Indicates the order of n-values by which individual flm-blocks are stored.

Definition at line 164 of file so3_types.h.

Referenced by main(), so3_sampling_elmn2ind(), so3_sampling_elmn2ind_real(), so3_sampling_ind2elmn(), and so3_sampling_ind2elmn_real().

A non-zero value indicates that the signal f is real. Not all functions respect this value - instead there may be separate complex and real functions. See the documentation of each function for details.

Definition at line 131 of file so3_types.h.

Referenced by main(), and so3_sampling_flmn_size().

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