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Differentiable and accelerated wavelets on the ball#

S2BALL is a JAX package for computing the scale-discretised wavelet transform on the ball and rotational ball (Price et al 2024). It leverages autodiff to provide differentiable transforms, which are also deployable on modern hardware accelerators (e.g. GPUs and TPUs). See Price & McEwen 2023 for similar work which provides generalised Fourier transforms on the sphere and rotation group.

The transforms S2BALL provides are optimally fast but come with a substantial memory overhead and cannot be used above a harmonic bandlimit of L ~ 256, at least with current GPU memory limitations. That being said, many applications are more than comfortable at these resolutions, for which these JAX transforms are ideally suited, e.g. geophysical modelling, diffusion tensor imaging, multiscale molecular modelling. For those with machine learning in mind, it should be explicitly noted that these transforms are indeed equivariant to their respective groups.

Wavelet Filters 🪐#

The filters S2BALL provides were originally derived by Leistedt & McEwen 2012 and are constructed by tesselating both harmonic space and the radial half-line with infinitely differentiable Cauchy-Schwartz functions. This tesselation gives rise to the follow frequency space localisation


The above is the frequency space localisation of the wavelet filters, however one can also view wavelet filters in pixel space. Visualising these filters is somewhat tricky as the ball is a 3-dimensional surface embedded in 4-dimensional space. We can, however, straightforwardly view a spherical slice of the ball for each radial node


Attribution 📚#

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License 📝#

S2BALL is released under the MIT license (see LICENSE.txt).

We provide this code under an MIT open-source licence with the hope that it will be of use to a wider community.
Copyright 2024 Matthew Price, Jason McEwen and contributors.
S2BALL is free software made available under the MIT License. For details see the LICENSE file.