We recommend installing harmonic through PyPi, however in some cases one may wish to install harmonic directly from source, which is also relatively straightforward.

Quick install (PyPi)

Install harmonic from PyPi with a single command

pip install harmonic

Check that the package has installed by running

pip list

and locate harmonic.

Install from source (GitHub)

When installing from source we recommend working within an existing conda environment, or creating a fresh conda environment to avoid any dependency conflicts,

conda create -n harmonic_env python=3.8.0
conda activate harmonic_env

Once within a fresh environment harmonic may be installed by cloning the GitHub repository

git clone
cd harmonic

and running the install script, within the root directory, with one command


To check the install has worked correctly run the unit tests with



For installing from source a conda environment is required by the installation bash script, which is recommended, due to a pandoc dependency.