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Differentiable and accelerated spherical wavelets#

S2WAV is a python package for computing wavelet transforms on the sphere and rotation group, both in JAX and PyTorch. It leverages autodiff to provide differentiable transforms, which are also deployable on modern hardware accelerators (e.g. GPUs and TPUs), and can be mapped across multiple accelerators.

More specifically, S2WAV provides support for scale-discretised wavelet transforms on the sphere and rotation group (for both real and complex signals), with support for adjoints where needed, and comes with a variety of different optimisations (e.g. precompute or not, multi-resolution algorithms) that one may select depending on available resources and desired angular resolution \(L\). S2WAV is a sister package of S2FFT, both of which are part of the SAX project, which aims to provide comprehensive support for differentiable transforms on the sphere and rotation group.


As of version 1.0.0 S2WAV also provides partial frontend support for PyTorch. In future this will be expanded to full support. Also note that this release also provides JAX support for existing C spherical harmonic libraries, specifically SSHT. This works be wrapping python bindings with custom JAX frontends. Note that currently this C to JAX interoperability is limited to CPU.

Wavelet Transform ⚡#

S2WAV is an updated implementation of the scale-discretised wavelet transform on the sphere, which builds upon the papers of Leistedt et al 2013 and McEwen et al 2017. This wavelet transform is designed to have excellent localisation and uncorrelation properties, and has been successfully adopted for various applications e.g. scattering transforms on the sphere McEwen et al 2022. The wavelet dictionary is constructed by tiling the harmonic line with infinitely differentiable Cauchy-Schwartz functions, which can straightforwardly be performed in an efficient multiresolution manner, as in the Euclidean case. This is what the directional wavelet filters look like in pixel space.


Contributors ✨#

We strongly encourage contributions from any interested developers; a simple example would be adding support for new wavelet filters e.g. spherical needlets Chan et al 2016 or spherical ridgelets McEwen & Price 2020! Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emojikey):

Matt Price
Matt Price

💻 👀 📖 🎨
Jason McEwen
Jason McEwen

👀 🎨
Alicja Polanska
Alicja Polanska

💻 👀
Jessica Whitney
Jessica Whitney

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Attribution 📚#

A BibTeX entry for S2WAV is:

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we also request that you cite the following paper

    author      = "Matthew A. Price and Jason D. McEwen",
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in which the core underlying algorithms for the spherical harmonic and Wigner transforms are developed.

License 📝#

Copyright 2023 Matthew Price, Jessica Whtiney, Alicja Polanska, Jason McEwen and contributors.

S2WAV is free software made available under the MIT License. For details see the LICENSE file.